Enhancing Internal Emails

UBS, Client Strategy Office, Latin American Group

The challenge

The UBS Client Strategy Office (CSO) Latin America group approached StoneShot about ways to gain better visibility into the performance of their internal email communications. Their current email solution was time-consuming, lacked consistency and didn’t track campaign performance.

The solution

The StoneShot email marketing platform was implemented across the CSO Latin America group. The transition was quick and seamless, so the group could continue sending emails they had already scheduled before the switch.

Reporting and Analytics

The StoneShot reporting suite provides granular metrics and industry benchmark data. This enabled the CSO Latin America group to gain insight not just into their own campaign performance, but to other groups at UBS and their peers across the industry.

Customization and Export

The group could now customize and share their own campaign reports, either as raw data or professional PDFs with visuals, to analytics teams, contact owners or key decision makers respectively.

Drag and Drop builder

The group also utilized the StoneShot drag-and-drop email builder. The tool enables users to build their emails freely by dragging and dropping blocks of pre-approved UBS branded content. No coding knowledge is required, and the framework is pre-tested to render across all email clients and devices. Text, images and links can be edited by users so emails can be customized, and content such as logos or Keyline positioning are locked down to ensure visual consistency and brand guideline adherence.

The results

Visibility into engagement (Clicks and downloads)
Benchmarking results (against industry and other UBS regions)
Efficient email build process
Opportunity for strategic planning

Device optimisation (Blackberry)

UBS Wealth Management, USA

The challenge

UBS Wealth Management (WM) USA needed to optimize their campaigns to be compatible with the ‘BlackBerry Work’ email application, which was used by a wide internal audience, while conforming with industry best practices, such as mobile optimization. 

The solution

The UBS WM USA group met with StoneShot’s agency services team to align on a plan to restructure their email templates – making them easier to read and engage with on smaller devices.

The emails were redesigned and recoded using unconventional methods to achieve this. To get a little more technical, emails we see render in a more compatible format on our mobile devices rely on media queries which detect the width of our devices. The Blackberry Work application doesn’t detect this, so media queries could not be used in this instance.

The results

Fresh creative

UBS, Marketing Technology Specialist Team

The challenge

UBS MTS team wanted to switch up their internal email campaigns. The group felt that although their emails were very on-brand, they were lacking creative elements and the ability to track performance. 
Emails were redesigned to include background images, larger and more bold call-to-action buttons with an injection of color. Content alignment was also centered for a bolder visual impression.

Furthermore, StoneShot’s platform allowed for extensive tracking on email campaigns and StoneShot’s Brightcove video integration tracks when and what parts of the video the recipients are viewing.

The solution

The group approached StoneShot’s creative team to inject fresh ideas and design an email that would gain more attention and engagement that they could track.

The results

Breaking out of the old way of thinking
Improved content for better engagement
The ability to determine which contacts were engaging with video and improve as necessary

Dynamic Email Automation

UBS, Financial Wellness & Equity Planning Advisory Solutions (EPAS)

The challenge

The UBS Financial Wellness & Equity Planning Advisory Solutions (EPAS) groups wanted to streamline their email creation process and reduce their send volume when sending emails on behalf of 150 clients. The process was cumbersome because it involved creating 150 different co-branded email templates as each of the 150 clients required a co-branded logo and specific client content. 

The solution

StoneShot created a template with dynamic elements that pulled client specific content based on the contact’s assignment into the email on distribution.

The results

EPAS was able to use one email template with dynamic rule-based elements to send multiple client communications. This makes the operation hugely efficient and it reduces risk of making errors in the content.