StoneShot Insights

Can you measure marketing effectively?
Most financial services marketers tend to have one of two challenges when it comes to data and insights.
Those who don’t get relevant data that they can turn into action.

Those who have relevant data hidden in spreadsheets or dashboards but don’t have time to glean actionable insights.

What is
StoneShot Insights?

StoneShot Insights is a leading email benchmarking and consulting solution for investment marketers, giving you actionable insights to maximise engagement.
against your
industry peers
Identify gaps
in your email
Get recommendations
to increase
Our anonymized data is collected across millions of emails sent each month across all our financial services clients.
StoneShot Insights enables you to answer important marketing questions:
What is the best
time of day to send
my emails?
Do newsletters
fare well
in APAC?
What is the average
click rate for a market
commentary in Italy?
Is the average open rate
lower during the
summer months?
Do people click on
a video when viewing
on mobile?

Are you missing relevant data?

Get on demand real-time access to global benchmarking data to power informed decisions.

Get access to anonymised data
collected from millions of financial
services emails on a monthly basis.

Segment statistics based on
content types, device type, region
and time of day.

Uncover open rates, click rates,
send times, device type, subject
length, and more.

Do you need a bit more help?

Get full-service consultancy tailored to your needs. We can offer program analysis, data analysis, industry benchmarks, recommendations and audience engagement reviews. While we recommend doing this on an ongoing basis, one-offs can also be hugely impactful to your marketing efforts.

Our typical consultancy approach includes:

We consider your current program, business objectives and resources to endorse a set of tailored best practice guidelines covering communication mix, frequency, content, etc.
Program analysis

We collect information via quantitative research to create a snapshot of your email marketing program. This is used as a baseline to gauge effectiveness for future marketing recommendations or enhancements.
Industry benchmarks

We compare relevant criteria of email performance against industry peers to determine gaps and areas for improvement.
Data analysis

We analyse relevant data and actionable insights in the context of asset class and communication type. This is used to compare against historical data and highlight areas for improvement.
Audience engagement review

We review your email lists to reveal disengaged contacts who are engaging with other fund providers and propose a re-engagement strategy.

Are you a platform user?

Access the Insights dashboard anytime on the platform
Receive a quarterly account review with actionable insights
Access our team of email marketing specialists and designers for a helping hand

Who we work with

We work with asset managers, private banks and wealth managers of all sizes across the globe.