Integrate with platforms you’re already working in.

CRM Integration

Plug StoneShot into to your CRM platform (or platforms!). Sync contacts, accounts, events and analytics seamlessly. Bring together Sales and Marketing.

Sync your lists with a few clicks. Customize feeds to get your data where you need it.

Gain rich insights on your contacts and accounts – right within your CRM.

Measure engagement across email, events, video and your website.

Video Integration

Connect with your favorite video provider. Keep tracking the user journey, from our emails to your video and beyond. Measure engagement and feed your automations – all in one place.

Content Management Integration

Let your clients choose what they want to receive from a library that connects to your content marketing solution. Pin-point engagement and save a ton of time by syncing up your content with your distribution system.

Integrate with platforms you use every day.