Engage your audience on a new level with easy-to-use tools and personalized content.

StoneShot App - Email Builder
StoneShot App - Email Builder

Email Builder

StoneShot makes it easy to do more, while investing less. Use pre-made, custom template options with drag and drop features to create designs and deploy more campaigns.

StoneShot App - Email Builder
Icon - Save Time

Save Time
Change layouts and launch email campaigns yourself. Invest valuable time in creating content that matters.

Icon - Manage Expectations

Manage Expectations
Start doing more. Create and send emails without bringing in other internal teams or outside help.

Icon - Results

See Results
Stand out in an oversaturated industry by sending the right content to the right people at the right time.


Show your contacts how well you know them by using personalized content in your emails. Send specific details related to a segmentation, preference, or custom field, or keep it simple by just addressing your recipients by their first name.

It’s easy to get started, and a little personalization goes a long way.

Personalization Card Personalization Card Personalization Card Personalization Card

Dynamic Content

Send one campaign with multiple purposes. Pull different types of content into an email based on the preferences or past behavior of individual contacts.

Icon - Content Library

Content Library
Connect all your content such as blog posts and ebooks to our library and dynamically feed it into your emails.

Icon - Client Preferences

Client Preferences
Give your subscribers options so they know your emails will always contain content they’ve chosen to see.

Icon - Opens and Engagement

Opens and Engagement
Notice higher opens and engagement from content more targeted to the recipient’s wants and needs.

StoneShot App - Engagement Scoring

Engagement Scoring

Put a scoring methodology in place to track who’s actively engaged with your content and who’s not – and drop contacts into action-specific email workflows based on their score.

Stoneshot app - Engagement Scoring
Icon - Tags

Use tags to aggregate and label content across the StoneShot platform for engagement scoring, dynamic content, and reporting. Organize your content by communication type, product, asset class, or a custom type of your choice.

Icon - Weighting

With StoneShot’s weighting capability, users can put a heavier emphasis on actions that matter more to them.

A privacy policy view is not the same as a video view. Your engagement scores should reflect that, so you can immediately follow up with the right people.

Icon - Customization

Engagement scoring allows for a more thorough analysis of performance by pin pointing the elements of the campaign your recipients interacted with, as well as their overall behavior across campaigns.

Icon - Integration

Integrate StoneShot with your CRM to create a level of data transparency between sales and marketing and maintain up-to-date information. View engagement by firm, contact, or tag.


Deliver with confidence. We guarantee strong deliverability amongst financial services brands, as we work exclusively with that industry.

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